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Wolfram Alpha: The Intelligent Web Application By Ultimate Maths | Tips & Tricks | March 22, 2017 | See comments You have probably used numerous websites already to perform certain calculations, factorise equations, etc. Wolfram Alpha combines thousands of such functionalities, resulting in one of the most advanced knowledge platforms on the web. First set up in 2009, Wolfram Alpha has since evolved and can now perform numerous different types of computations to answer questions, solve equations and much more. It features several subject areas including science and mathematics. The mathematics section of the website offers a very rich range of functionalities from basic calculations to the solving of advanced functions. For instance, if you want to factorise a quadratic equation all you have to do is type “factorise” and the equation you want to factorise into the search field and hit enter. Wolfram Alpha will not only give you the answer but also plot a graph and provide additional information. For advanced maths students Wolfram Alpha is also a great tool as it can also differentiate, integrate and perform other more complex computations. The best part about all of this is though that the basic functions of Wolfram Alpha are completely FREE. That means you can get the answer to any of your maths questions without paying a single dollar. The site also offers a premium plan though which includes many additional useful functions. The most notable of which is the ability to get worked solutions along with the final answer. For instance, if you want to solve a quadratic equation or differentiate, Wolfram Alpha can show you the exact steps involved in obtaining the solution. To summarise, Wolfram Alpha is a great tool that is more than just a replacement for your calculator and you should definitely make use of it. If you are willing to put in a few bucks every month for the student pro plan, you can get even more features at your fingertips. Visit Wolfram Alpha now!
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