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Our Top 10 Tips to Ace your Exams! By Ultimate Maths | Tips & Tricks | March 25, 2017 | See comments Exams can be extremely stressful and incorrect behaviour can lead to you losing out on valuable points even though you could have done better. Especially if these are your final exams, the pressure and excitement may affect your performance. Here are our Top 10 tips on how to behave correctly in exams to deliver your best performance. 1. Have a positive attitude when entering the exam The wrong attitude can really affect your exam performance. If you tell yourself, that you are going to fail before even entering the exam room, the chance that you do badly rises. Instead, try to clear your mind, tell yourself that you have revised enough and be confident that you will do well. 2. Be Prepared Make sure you have all your equipment ready. Sharpen pencils, fill up ink in your pens and make sure you bring everything to the exam. This will avoid having to sort out your equipment during the exam which could take up time you should be using to answer the questions. 3. Read the Instructions We cannot stress this enough: Read the instructions on the exam paper! Some papers may only require you to do certain parts or follow specific instructions. Failing to do so could cause your score to drop sharply. For instance, if you have two sections with two options each and answer both options in section A but forget about section B, you may end up missing out on half of your marks even though you would have been able to answer all of the questions perfectly. 4. Manage you time wisely Scan your paper before starting (sometimes you get reading time to do this) and see which parts require more time and which require less. When doing the exam, you should try to approximately stick to your time plan to make sure you get through and attempt all the questions. 5. Work efficiently but carefully Find a balance between speed and quality. On one hand, you shouldn’t rush through your paper as you will make mistakes and your answers may not be very neat. On the other hand, you should try to work efficiently and try to get through the entire paper. You will have to experiment yourself and see how fast you can work while keeping concentration and the quality of your work high. 6. Don’t get frustrated about difficult questions Sometimes, you will encounter difficult questions that you may not know how to approach at first. Firstly, keel calm and read the question a second time. If you still don’t know how to start, simply circle it, and then move on to the next question. Once you are done, you can come back to the questions you missed out and have another go at them. 7. Keep an eye on the clock Look at the clock from time to time to see if you are sticking to your time plan. If you fall behind, try to work a bit faster. If you are way ahead, you may want to slow down a tiny bit and focus on working accurately. 8. Pick up points When you get towards the end of the exam look out to finish questions that give you lots of points. If you have left out two or three questions start off with the one that you believe you have the best chance of finishing and that will give you most points. If you cannot answer a question at least try to do some parts as you may still get marks for using the right method. 9. Focus on yourself Even if other people finish early at the end of the exam, stay concentrated on your own work, and continue working. Don’t leave the exam room early only because your friends do. Try to get the most out of the time and it is rarely the case that you get through an exam so quickly that you should leave early. You can always improve upon your answers. 10. Check your answers Following on from the last point, you should always check your answers if you have time left. It is likely that you made a few errors because of the excitement about the exam. Look back at all questions at least once if possible and you may be able to pick up some extra marks. We hope this quick guide will help you succeed in your exams. Remember that revision is the key, if you revised well, you will feel less stressed and you might approach the exam more confidently. Throughout the exam, these ten tips will help you to stay ‘cool’ and deliver your best performance.
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