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The Ideal Calculator for High School Mathematics By Ultimate Maths | Tips & Tricks| July 27, 2015 | See comments In high school, students tend to start using calculators in class more and more often. Not just to solve complex mathematical operations but also to plot graphs or do trigonometry. The “Ti-84 Plus” is the ideal calculator for high school and college students. The TI-84 comes in 3 editions: TI-84 Plus TI-84 Plus Silver Edition (more Flash ROM) TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition (more Flash ROM & colour display) What edition is ideal for you depends totally on your requirements. Generally though, there is not a huge price difference so you may as well go for the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition. All three calculators are packed full of features, allowing you to do the most complex mathematical operations. They provide all functions you would find on a standard scientific calculator along with a graphing software, a programming interface and a micro USB port, allowing you to install a series of apps. Basic Function The TI-84 feature probably all basic functions that you will ever need in high school and most of college including operations, trigonometry, logarithms and so much more. Graphing The TI-84 allows you to graph functions on a graph integrated into the calculator. You can then find intersections between graphs and find certain values using the tracing tool. This is particularly enjoyable on the colour edition’s display as you can distinguish the different graph lines easily. The graphing software’s functions are adequate for students ranging from lower high school to college level. Micro USB port The micro USB port allows you to transform your already awesome calculator into a mini computer. You can install a range of apps and even games that extend the features of your TI-84. Another useful function of the USB port is that you can connect a selection of science measurement devices such as temperature probes or movement detectors. This transforms your calculator into a data logger with integrated graphing feature. Conclusion There is still much more to the TI-84 than mentioned above. It is a calculator that will last you from high school through university/college (unless you break it or decide to do extremely fancy maths stuff in college). The TI-84 will cost you between USD 100 and USD 120 depending on which version you opt for which is still quite a decent price compared to other calculators. However, before purchasing it, make sure that you educational institution does not require you to have a specific calculator. You will find a links to the different models underneath. TI-84 Plus: Buy Now on Amazon / See Texas Instruments Website TI-84 Plus Silver Edition: Buy Now on Amazon / See Texas Instruments Website TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition: Buy Now on Amazon / See Texas Instruments Website Make sure to share this with your friends. Good Luck with your calculator!
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