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How to Remember More of What you Learn in Class! By Ultimate Maths | Tips & Tricks | July 31, 2015 | See comments When exams start to move in at the end of your school year, revising can be a pain because you have forgotten a lot of the stuff you have learnt in class over the past year. However, with only a small bit of out of school dedication to your school subjects you can increase the amount of facts and information you remember. In order to be able to use the following techniques, it is ideal to have a good idea of what topics you will be doing in class at the different stages of the year. However, if you do not have access to this information, you can still use most of these tips. Look at the topic before studying it in school! (optional) Very few people take the time to do this. However, looking at the topic you will study during your next few classes can be very helpful as: You are less likely to get lost because you have already looked over the topic before. You will impress your teacher if you already briefly know some facts about the topic. It will help you remember the information in the long-term. Of course, this does not mean learn everything about the topic. However, you should take 10 to 15 minutes to research it a bit and to find out about the context. If you wish, you can even try to understand the concepts behind it. This technique is not essential but it is recommended if you have the time. Pay attention in class! (obligatory) Of course, it is essential that you pay attention during class. Make sure you understand all aspects of the topic and ask if you are unsure about something. Teachers are there to help you! Try to do as many practice questions in class as possible (if you get the chance to) as it will help you to apply your newly learnt skills. This will also allow you to remember how to do the problem more easily. Do your homework! (obligatory) It is essential that you do your homework. Not only to not get in trouble but also so that you can spend some more time practicing with actual problems. This will again help you to remember the information and techniques that you have learnt about. Look over the topic afterwards! (highly recommended) If possible, look over the topic again a few days later. For example, during the weekend. Again, just spend 10-15 minutes reviewing what you have learnt. It will really help you to remember the information for a longer period of time and to understand it better. Review throughout the year! (optional) If possible, find some time throughout the whole year to review past topics. Just to make sure you still remember them. This is really only recommended if you have the time and dedication. However, it really helps. Revision! (highly recommended) Revise before the exam to ensure that you know all the topics and try some questions. To sum up, spending only 15-30 minutes outside of school per subject (if possible each week) really helps you to remember information you have learnt in class. Ultimately, this also decreases the amount you have to revise at the end of each year and takes away some revision stress. Ideally, you should look at your school topics at least three times: before class, in class and after class. We hope this short article will help you to remember more of the stuff you have learnt. Review your maths topic now on Ultimate Maths!
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