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Autograph: The Dynamic Graph Plotting Software By Ultimate Maths | Tips & Tricks| April 17, 2015 | See comments Nowadays, a lot of educational institutations and students use ICT to make learning easier and to organize, edit and present data more effectively. A great software that is used by a range of schools worldwide, is Autograph. Autograph is a graph plotter that comes with a broad variety of features ranging from the simple plotting of functions to the creation and analysis of statistical figures. The software is ideal for students with an intermediate to advanced level of mathematics and facilitates working with data, functions and statistics. The main feature of Autograph is its function plotter. The program accurately plots lines and curves on the coordinate grid and allows users to find important values such as the x- and y-axes intercepts. The axes formatting options gives users the possibility to change the scales of their coordinate grid and to adjust axis title. Another major feature of Autograph is the processing and presenting of data. You can enter values and use the, to plot graphs, figures (such as box and whiskers) and to find important values including mean and median. Furthermore, the software now also allows you to work on a 3D interface for more complex 3D geometry. The examples outlined above include only a small selection of the numerous features that Autograph offers for its users.Capture2 With regards to UI, the software is also far ahead of most of its competitors. Users can chose between a standard or advanced interface, depending on their level and what they want to use the software for. The usage of Autpgraph is in general quite simple as different functions are grouped into appropriate categories. People who still struggle to use the software will find numerous tutorials online (Ultimate Maths will in future also work on creating tutorials for Autograph). Autograph is not only ideal for students but also for teachers. The graphing software comes with a lot of functions that are designed specifically for interactive classroom lessons and activities. These include slow plot, an interactive on screen keyboard and a special interactive whiteboard mode. These tools can help teachers to design their lessons in a more educational and fun manner to improve the learning experience of their students. To sum up, Autograph is a great software for both students and teachers with a wide range of features to assist learning and data processing. If you are interested in mathematics and believe that Autograph can help you, it is definitely a good investment as you can use it throughout your whole academic career. You can purchase autograph here at an affordable price or look for local retailers that sell the software. Some schools also provide free student licenses. Also, don’t forget to check out Ultimate Maths frequently as we will begin to upload easy to follow and informative Autograph tutorials.
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