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A Short Introduction to Ultimate Maths By Ultimate Maths | Website Info | April 9, 2015 | See comments Ultimate Maths is a maths learning website that enables students to learn, revise and apply maths skills. The site features a wide range of lessons and resources about the different aspects of mathematics and for diverse levels. We mainly target our content at secondary school students aged 10-16.   Our Mission Our goal is to make learning maths easier and accessible for everyone. We want all students around the world to overcome the problems with mathematics in order to appreciate how fascinating the subject actually is. To achieve this we provide a diverse selection of lessons and learning resources that can help students to learn maths more comfortably. A Short History Ultimate maths is a relatively new website founded in summer 2014. Since then, a lot of time and effort has been invested into this project to ensure that students are supplied with lessons and learning resources. We have also reviewed most content on our website several times to ensure that it is of high quality. Our Future We aim to keep Ultimate Maths a valuable learning resource over the next few years by continuously adding content to ensure that students can continue learning about new topics.
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