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5 Possible Future Jobs for Students who Love Maths By Ultimate Maths | Tips & Tricks| July 25, 2015 | See comments The following list includes jobs that are more or less directly linked to mathematics. For all of them, a degree in mathematics is either required or useful. 1. Mathematician Obviously, with good mathematics skills, you can become a mathematician. Mathematicians use their advanced mathematical skills to solve problems, find proofs or investigate other mathematical concepts. They usually work and do their studies at universities. Becoming a mathematician requires you to be extremely passionate about maths and you have to be very good at it as well. 2. Maths Teacher/Professor If you would like to work in the teaching industry and enjoy maths, you could become a maths teacher or professor. This involves teaching students maths and requires good communication skills. Depending on what level of mathematics you want to teach, you could become either an elementary or secondary maths teacher or a university professor (very high level of mathematics needed). 3. Statistician Statisticians are responsible for collecting, presenting and interpreting statistical data. They can work in a range of sectors ranging from health to transportation. A lot of companies look out for good statisticians and the level of mathematics required is not too high. 4. Financial Sector (Accountant/Financial Manager/…) If you want to work in the financial sector, you can also find a lot of possible jobs related to mathematics. Whether you want to be an accountant, an investment analyst or even the financial manager of a company, you will need some basic maths skills. In these jobs you will work mainly with simple operations and statistics and sometimes you will need an additional degree in economics or business management. 5. Aerospace Engineer This is an extremely interesting job for everyone who enjoys the concept of travelling to and exploring space. As an aerospace engineer, you will be involved in the designing of rockets, artificial satellites and a lot of other space travel related concepts. You will probably need an additional engineering or physics degree. However, a high level of mathematical understanding is very useful for this job. We hope that this short overview of maths related jobs has inspired you and has maybe gotten you to see maths from a different point of view. If you want to learn more, make sure to have a search on the internet and follow this blog for more interesting posts.
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