Tables are quite simple to create and fill in. Although you may have already created tables in the past, it is important that you know exactly how to construct one and the things that you must include.

An Example of a Table

The table on the right shows the results of students who participated in a 250m running competition. The table is simple concise and clear as all the information can be easily extracted and processed. To ensure that you are able to create amazing tables, read the extract underneath which tells you what you should and shouldn’t do when designing a table.

The Perfect Table

When creating a table you should: Start off by drawing the basic structure. Provide clear column headings with units in brackets (if applicable). Do not put the unit behind every value. Enter the data into the table correctly and accurately. Calculate and enter averages if necessary. Maybe even make an extra column for the averages. For example, if you have calculated data from multiple tries in an investigation. Round numbers to a certain number of decimal places or significant figures if they are too long. Add a title to your table that clearly states what this data is. When creating a table you shouldn’t: Make it too fancy. A simple clean design is usually best. “Less is More!” You can include some colours but usually the result will be more professional if you just stick with a white background and black lines. Use different fonts or font settings. Use one font for the whole table. Also you should try  to avoid using bold or italic. Make it overcrowded. You should ensure that the table is neat. This means that the data is aligned correctly and placed in a logical and structured way.

Line Graphs

Now that you know everything about tables you should attempt the line graphs lesson. Good tables can be very useful for creating good line graphs. Please share this page if you like it or found it helpful!
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