Stem & Leaf Plots

Creating Stem & Leaf Plots

Stem and leaf plots are special types of tables that enables you to organise a list of numbers into a more concise and simple format. Here is an example of a stem and leaf plot. There are two parts separated with a line. On the right is the leaf. The numbers here represents the last digit of a number. The stem is on the left and represents the other digits. To create a stem and leaf plot you have to have a sequence of numbers. First create the stem. In this case the first digits of the numbers goes from 1-5 which means that we need exactly these numbers in the stem. draw a line on the right side of the stem numbers and add the last digit of each number to the corresponding row. For instance, if we want to plot 26, we put a 6 into the row with the stem: 2. After you have done this for all numbers, the stem and leaf plot is finished. Usually, we put the numbers in to order of their size. So, in a leaf row you wouldn’t have 9,1&5 but 1,5&9.

Why do we use Stem& Leaf Plots?

We process data using stem & leaf plots because... It is a neater way of displaying a long list of numbers. It is easier to work with such as calculating the median. It allows you to see the distribution and size of the numbers without having to look at them in too much detail. There are several more reasons.

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