Simplifying Simple Algebraic Expressions

Simplifying in algebra means to make the equation as neat and short as possible. Since this is a really easy skill, we have decided not to include an explained example. If you are familiar with the basics of algebra, then you should find this quite easy.
Example 1 Four times m added together is equal to 4 x m or 4m.
Example 2 Three times c multiplied together is equal to c cubed or c³.
Example 3 6r and 3r added together is equal to 9r.
Now that you have had the chance to look at some examples, try to simplify the expressions underneath and then click the show answer button to see the solution.
Questions Simplify the following algebraic expressions as much as possible and then check your answer using the show answers button.
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Simplifying Complex Algebraic Expressions

Algebraic expressions can be a bit more complex an then they are a bit harder to simplify. However, the concept is still the same. It’s just that we have to think a bit more.
Example 1 Four times 6 is equal to 24, “a” to the power of four times “a” is equal to “a” to the power of five and “b” times “b” to the power of three is equal to “b” to the power of four. This put together then gives us the simplified solution.
Example 2 We can easily simplify this expression by adding together the indices. In this case, this is r + z.
Example 3 First we have to simplify the bottom row and then we can solve the fraction by dividing the numbers and subtracting the indices.

Algebraic expressions are more difficult to simplify when they contain more numbers, letters and operations. However, the methods we use are always

the same.

Expanding Brackets and Factorising

Next we recommend that you look at how to expand brackets and factorise algebraic expressions. If you would rather choose a different topic, have a look in our library. Please share this page if you like it or found it helpful!
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Chapter 13.0:  Learning Outcomes Students will be introduced to the concept of simplification of algebraic terms! Students will learn how to simplify simple and complex algebraic expression!