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The World of Shapes

Discover Shapes on Ultimate Maths. Browse a variety of topics ranging from simple 2D and 3D shapes to complicated trigonometry problems. Use the navigation bar on the left to chose one of our numerous maths lessons.

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Sin / Cos / Tan Sin/Cos/Tan is a very basic form of trigonometry that allows you to find the lengths and angles of right-angled triangles. A very easy way to remember the three rules is to  to use the abbreviation SOH CAH TOA...
25.0 - 2D & 3D Shapes 26.0 - Properties of 2D Shapes 27.0 - Angles 28.0 - Area & Perimeter of Shapes 29.0 - Pi & Its Application in Cicles 30.0 - Pythagoras 31.0 - Trigonometry 32.0 - Transformations 33.0 - Volume & Surface Area 34.0 - Measuring & Estimating 35.0 - Coordinate Geometry 36.0 - Graphic Calculators SHAPE
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Coordinate Geometry Coordinate Geometry involves using functions and formulas to plot line on a graph. Using coordinate geometry we cannot only find the equations of lines but we can also do a lot of interesting and useful...
Sine Rule Sine rule is another trigonometry rule that allows you to find missing angles and sides of certain triangles (in some cases you will have to use cosine rule). On the right, you can see the two different types of sine rule...
Angles An angle is the amount by which a line turns. Every two lines that meet at one of their ends have an angle. Angles are measured in degrees (°) and range from 0 (no rotations) - 360 (full rotation). There are a lot of shape...
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