What is Ratio?

A ratio is a way to express a relationship between two number of the same type (eg: people, objects, etc.). It is usually written as a to b or a:b. Ratios are used to compare the size of one number with the size of another. For example, the ratio 1:2 means that the second number is the first number doubled (the two numbers could be 12 and 24). It is very important that you know how to process and work with ratios as you use them quite frequently in mathematics. Another word that you can use instead of ratio is proportion. Where do we use Ratios? We use ratios very often in everyday life: Scale of a map (eg: 1:25000) Accountants when analysing the performance of a company Artists when choosing the proportions for their drawings Models (scale of the model) Recipes These are just a few examples, there are a lot more situations in which we would use ratios. Getting Started with Ratios To get more familiar with ratios, you should try simplifying them and finding equivalent ratios before moving on the the more complicated topics. Please share this page if you like it or found it helpful!
We use ratios to show the scale of a model (its size compared to the size of the real object)
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