Processing Data


Here in the processing data section of ultimate maths, we will teach you how to manipulate or work with data to get substantial information about it. There are several techniques or method which we can apply to do this. Here is a list of lessons that will help you to learn how to process data effectively.


Finding averages is a very common method for processing data as it gives us values which we can then use to present and analyse the data as well as to formulate statements regarding the data. There are several different types of averages that you can calculate and each of them is more or less appropriate in certain cases.

Stem & Leaf Plots

Stem an leaf plots are an easy way to put large sets of numbers into a more organised and simple format. This enables us to process the data more effectively and it makes it easier to perform operations such as finding averages which could possibly result in discovering meaningful information about the data.

Getting Started with Data Processing

We recommend that you start of with calculating mean, median or mode as it is a very important skill that you will require throughout your whole life. Please share this page if you like it or found it helpful!
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Chapter 23.0:  Learning Outcomes Students will be introduced to the different ways of processing data!



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