Calculating A Percentage Of An Amount

Without a Calculator

To find percentages of amounts without a calculator there are a generally two methods that you can use. One is easier than the other one which involves some more challenging calculations. Let’s look at the easy method first. This method involves finding three percentages of a number that are easy to find which can then be used to find any other percentage. Look at the example on the right. The number that we are trying to find a percentage of is 555. All we need to do is to find 10%, 5% and 1%. Using these percentages, we can make any whole number percentage there is. We only need to add the values together. For example, if we wanted to find 26%, we would do 55.5 + 55.5 + 27.75 + 5.55. We can easily calculate this sum as it is simple addition. The answer is 144.3. Of course, you do not necessarily have to calculate the percentages (they just allow you to find every percentage). If you know that you only need to find 60%, finding 50% and 10% will probability be easier. Underneath, you will find some examples. If you were to find 0.1% of the amount, you could also easily find decimal percentages of amounts. The second method is a lot more difficult than this method. This is why we usually use this method if we do not have a calculator at hand. The second method is basically the same as the calculator method just that you solve it by doing written multiplication instead of actually using a calculator. With a Calculator If you have access to a calculator, finding percentages of amounts becomes a piece of cake. You just have to know how to enter the information into the calculator. If your calculator has a percentage button, the only thing you have to do is type in A%B. A being the percentage you want to find and B the amount of which you want to find the percentage. However, if you do not have a percentage button on your calculator, there is another easy way to find percentages of amounts. You just have to convert the percentage into a decimal which you the multiply by the number that you want to find the percentage of. If you want to find for example, 87% of 642. You enter the following on your calculator 0.87 x 642. This will geive you your answer. A lot of maths teachers prefer it if you use this method as it is more mathematical than just pressing the % button. Both methods work though. More on Percentages If you have understood everything above, you should move on and try to do some percentage increases and decreases or reverse percentage calculations. The knowledge you have acquired on this page will hep you a lot with these topics. Please share this page if you like it or found it helpful!
Example 1 67% of 140 In example 1, we found 50%, 10%, 5% and 1% to find 67% of 140.
Example 2 31% of 235 In this example, we only had to find 10% and 1% to fin 31% of 235.
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