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It’s Very Important To Have Good Number Skills!

In the number section of Ultimate Maths, you can work on improving your number skills. Number skills include normal number operations such as addition and multiplication but also topics such as fractions, percentage, estimation and ratio. Use the navigation bar on the left to chose one of our numerous lessons.

Recommended Lessons:

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Percentage Percentage is a ratio or number expressed as “a part of 100”. The word “percent” actually means “per 100”. Percentage is generally shown using the % sign. which is a diagonal line with a circle on each side...
1.0 - Addition & Subtraction 2.0 - Multiplication & Division 3.0 - Fractions 4.0 - Percentage 5.0 - Estimation 6.0 - Standard Form 7.0 - Indices & Roots 8.0 - Order of Operation: BIDMAS 9.0 - Ratio NUMBER 3 3 2 2
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Multiplication & Division Mental multiplication is one of the most important topics towards the end of primary school and in the early stages of secondary school. A good knowledge of the times tables can help you throughout your...
Fractions Fractions are very commonly used in mathematics. They represent a part of any number that has equal parts (usually a whole number). Fractions are made up of three parts. The numerator (which is the number on...
Surds Before we can try to solve surds, we first need to know what they are. Surds are square roots that cannot be reduced to  give us a whole number. They are irrational numbers. However, we can work with them by...
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