Measuring & Estimating

Measuring & Estimating

It is very important that you know how to measure and estimate lengths and angles of shapes so that you can work with them. The techniques explained on this page are quite basic but important.

Measuring Lengths

We use rulers to measure the length´of a side of a shape. Shape rulers usually have a centimetre scale. To measure the length of a side. Make sure that the beginning of one side is lined up with 0. Then you can find the length by looking at the ruler.

Measuring Angles

To measure angles, we usually use protractors. These measuring devices allow you to find the size of any angle. To measure the angle, line up one of the lines with the 0° point and ensure that the angle is at the bottom centre of the protractor as in the example underneath. Then you can find the angle by seeing where the other line is on the scale.
length = 4cm
angle = about 52°

Estimating Lengths

It is important that you can estimate the length of a line just by looking at it. This cannot really be taught as you will just have to get used to it. The more shapes and lines that you work with, the more accurate you will get with estimating lengths.

Estimating Angles

Estimating angles is also something that you will have to get used to. However, it is easier to learn as you can orientate yourself on certain points which really helps with estimation. Have a look at the diagram underneath. It should help you to estimate angles.
0°C 90°C 180°C 270°C 45°C 135°C 225°C 315°C Angle Game Angle Game
The angle game was created by NRICH and is not owned by Ultimate Maths.

More Topics

You should now move on to some more advanced topics to improve your maths skills. We recommend that you have a look at angles. If you would like to select a different topic please visit our library. Please share this page if you like it or found it helpful!
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