Line Graphs


Line graphs are probably one of the most commonly used graphs, especially for representing numerical data. They consists of points that are plotted to represent data which are then joined up with a line. This line helps to interpret the graph and find correlations.

Creating Line Graphs

To create a line graph, you need to have some data. We have created a table of the population growth in a town. To make accurate graphs by hand, it is best to use graph paper. You can get some graph paper from the internet or buy it in a store. Grid paper should do the job as well. Again start of by creating the axes with labels and values. Then plot the points. Simply look at your data and plot each point (for instance the point that lines up with 1970 and 10032). Once you have done this for all points, you simply need to join up all the points and add a title to your diagram. If you have more than one line, make them different colour and create a key so that people know what each point represents.

Other Line Graphs

There are some other types of line graphs that you should be aware of: Line Graphs with non-numerical data Although we usually use line graphs for numerical data, they can sometimes include categorical data such as the days of the week. Some companies use them as they sometimes present data clearer than bar charts. However, you should always ensure to use the most appropriate graph for your type of data. Line Graphs with multiple lines Line graphs can have multiple lines for different data. If you create a graph like this, always make sure to include a key so that people know what each line represents.

Bar Charts

We recommend that you have a look at bar charts next. They are usually used for representing categorical or non-numerical data. Please share this page if you like it or found it helpful!
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