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What is Ultimate Maths? Ultimate Maths is a maths website that gives students the opportunity to easily learn, revise and apply maths skills. Our website features a large number of maths lessons, activities, worksheets and other resources focused at secondary school students. The resources are ideal for both students (to use) and teachers (to share). More on our About page. Is Ultimate Maths Free? Yes. Ultimate maths is generally free of charge except if stated otherwise on certain pages. Our main aim is to provide FREE ans student friendly content so that every student who wants to can access them. How can I support Ultimate Maths? Since Ultimate Maths is free of charge, we rely on the help of our users. You can support us by sharing our site with your friends, by submitting resources that we can display on our site or by donating to ensure that we can keep the site published and maintained. What are levels on Ultimate Maths? Levels represent the different difficulties of the topics on Ultimate Maths. The levels represent are equivalent to school grades in certain countries. Ultimate Maths uses levels solely to make finding appropriate content easier. We encourage all students to try to challenge themselves by working at a higher level. To see which level you are, have a look at the levels about page. How can I find topics on Ultimate Maths? You can find topics by using, the library, the search box or the category pages (number, algebra, data and shape). We also display recommended topics on some lesson pages. To browse our resources, please use the resources page. How can I find out about new content, changes to the site or other updates? To stay updated about the latest news and modifications to the site, you can simly follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. How can I easily move on to other subtopics? On the pages of subtopics of topics, we have put “next” buttons so that you can easily move on to the next subtopic. For example the topics on percentages are linked as follows: Percentage > Percentage of an amount > Percentage increases and decreases > reverse percentage calculations. The topics are always put into order of difficulty so that you can start with the basics of a topic and then move on to the more challenging aspects of it.
ULTIMATE MATHS Becoming an Accomplished Mathematician Ultimate Maths is a professional maths website that gives students the opportunity to learn, revise and apply different maths skills. We provide a wide range of lessons and resources...
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