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Dividing Ratios

Dividing Ratios

To apply ratios to certain numbers, we need to divide them up in a ratio. Look at the example on the right. There are 4 orange cars for 3 green cars (4:3). The problem we want to solve is: “How many cars of each colour would there be if there are 28 cars in total?” To find the solution, we need to first find the total numbers of cars (4+3) which is 7. Then we divide 28 by 7 so that we can see how often the set of cars fits into the total number. 28 divided by 7 is 4.The last thing we need to do to find the solution is to multiply 4 orange cars and 3 green cars by 4. We end up with 16 orange cars and 12 green cars. This is the answer to the problem. To ensure that you have understood this, look at the similar example underneath. Using this method, you should be able to solve almost any problem of this kind. You may need a calculator in cases where the result to the division stage is not a whole number. Proportion We recommend that you learn how to solve some proportional problems to improve your understanding of ratios and proportion. Please share this page if you like it or found it helpful!
Example 1 A sports club offers football and basketball for children. For every 5 football players, there are 4 basketball players. In total, there are 108 children doing one of the sports in the club. How many footballers and basket ballers are there in the club? First we add the two numbers in the ratio (5:4) together. Then we divide this number by the total umber of children in the club (=12). To identify how many children play each sport, we now have to multiply each number of the original ratio. This gives us the solution. 48 children play basketball and 60 children play football.
Proportional Problems
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