Choosing Your Graphic Calculator

Choosing the Right One

In your later years of secondary school, you will most likely be required to have a graphic calculator. On this page, you’ll learn what to look out for when deciding which one to purchase. There are hundreds of different graphic calculators out there. So you have to choose which one most fits your needs. Before starting to look all over the internet, be aware that your school might require you to have a specific brand or model of graphic calculator. In this case, you should simply buy the one which the school tells you to.

Criteria which to observe

Screen: Some graphic calculators have black and white screens while other have colour. For distinguishing graphs, the coloured displays are often better. However, they may decrease battery life. Battery: Make sure the battery life of the calculator is sufficient. Also calculators with rechargeable batteries are more convenient and more environmentally friendly. Functions: Make sure the graphic calculator has all the necessary functions such as graphing and performing operations from data. Apps: It is always good if your graphic calculator has apps. These could include notes or for example software to attach temperature probes to your calculator (for science). Ergonomics: The calculator should not be too complicated to use. Design: Although this is not vital, you may want your calculator to look good. A decent graphic calculator should not cost you much more than £100.

Graphic Calculators

Here are some good graphic calculators that might interest you. (Products may not appear if you are using AdBlock)
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We hope this brief overview has helped you to select a suitable graphic calculator. Make sure to check out our graphic calculator lessons and tutorials. Also, don’t hesitate to check out other lessons on Ultimate Maths.
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