Bar Charts


Bar charts are used to present data that is half numerical and half non-numerical. For example, the favourite colour of students in a class. Bar charts are one of the simpler types of charts and they are easy to create and interpret.

Creating Bar Charts

To create a bar chart, we need data. Here is a table that shows the favourite colours of students in a class To create a bar chart, we simplify have to draw the two axes and label them with colours and number in this case. Then you look at the table and plot the bars by placing a cross so that the colour and the number of students corresponds to the data from the table. For example, over red you put a cross that is horizontally aligned with three since 3 students have red as their favourite colours. You have to then do his for the remaining data before drawing the bars. The last step is to put labels on the axes and adding a title to the bar chart.

Other Type of Bar Charts

There are some other types of bar charts. For example, the bar chart on the right has 5 bars. They represent four different measurements and one average. Although this may look a bit more complicated, you should be fine as you plot these bar charts using the same method that we used before.

Pie Charts

Next you should try to do some pie charts as these are a bit harder to create than line graphs or bar charts. Please share this page if you like it or found it helpful!
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