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Ultimate maths is a maths website that gives students the opportunity to easily learn, revise and apply maths skills. Our website features a large number of maths lessons, activities, worksheets and other resources which are ideal for both students and teachers. It is mainly targeted at students between the age of 10 and 16 (MYP1-5) but students working at other levels can also profit from the content of this site. The aim of Ultimate Maths is to help everyone to learn and understand mathematics so that all students can enjoy this truly fascinating subject. In order to achieve this, the content on our website is displayed in a variety of ways which makes the topics easy to understand and fun. Ultimate maths was founded in summer 2014. Since the first publishing of the site, our editor has invested a lot of time and effort into creating the website and adding lots of content for you to discover. Ultimate maths will continue to grow and become a larger and larger source of maths lessons and resources. The quality of our content is very important to us and we always make sure that all of our content is good, well displayed and correct. If you find an error on the website please let us know using the Contact page.

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This website was created and is maintained by Jan Forschner an international student with a passion for mathematics. He is attending an international school in Switzerland and as part of his personal project he has set himself the goal to create an educational maths website so that students can enjoy this subject even more.
Great Content: Users profit from lots of interactive & educational content. Easy Learning: Images, videos & interactive activities ensure a comfortable learning experience. Maths Resources: Our data bank is full of resources that match your needs. Much More: Read our about page for more information.
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“I think that Ultimate Maths is a really great website. It has lots of information and resources about a wide range of maths topics, and is incredibly useful for anyone learning, or even just revising maths. It truly is the website where maths is at your fingertips.”
“Ultimate maths is a very fun and useful website. It has many resources and  covers many themes. It has the potential to help many students around the world as it explains things very well and is very easy to use. I have enjoyed using this website and would recommend it to others.”
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ULTIMATE MATHS Becoming an Accomplished Mathematician Ultimate Maths is a professional maths website that gives students the opportunity to learn, revise and apply different maths skills. We provide a wide range of lessons and resources...
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