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Ultimate Maths offers a wide range of maths lessons which are arranged into different chapters (eg: 2.0 - Multiplication & Division). Certain chapters also have sub chapters that are denoted as x.1, x.2, etc. The sections Number, Algebra, Data & Shape are denoted with their respective colours and have different dedicated pages, that allow you to search them more easily.

Chapter Summary

Lesson summaries can be found at the beginning of each lesson detailing related lessons, learning outcomes, available features and video lessons.

Levels on Ultimate Maths

To provide a more comfortable and targeted learning experience, we have introduced a level system on our site that allows students to find the right content for their level of maths. Of course, these are just guidelines. Any student is free to explore topics of other levels. We even encourage students to try to challenge themselves by doing so. Underneath you will find a table with which you can identify in which level you are in.
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